announcing the colavria hospitality education foundation

The Colavria Hospitality Education Foundation offers scholarships for dedicated individuals in Colorado who seek further training or educational opportunities to become influential leaders and contributors in the field of long term care.  Colavria recognizes that the future of our field lies in our most vital resource:  the individuals who choose careers in long term care and rehabilitation.  Candidates from diverse backgrounds, levels of education, and disciplines are welcomed.

Scholarships are awarded with no strings attached:  No tenure requirements or repayment terms.  Scholarships  are open to any Colorado resident committed to pursuing the field of long term care regardless of educational background.

Selection Criteria:

  • High School Diploma/G.E.D.
  • Completed application with resume and current course schedule (if applicable)

Applications are reviewed by the selection committee as they are received.  If you are selected for consideration you will be contacted by the foundation directly.

Our Mission

The Colavria Hospitality Education Foundation provides educational scholarship opportunities for individuals who aspire to become influential contributors and leaders in Long Term Care.